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Please note that Addin works for MS Excel version 2007 and newer only, and that Office for PC is required. Although this Addin is written in excel VBA, which is included in Excel 2011 for Mac, there are substantial number of differences between excel VBA on Windows and Mac that makes this Addin incompatible. For additional informations of system requirements and implemented methods see "Contingnecy table help.chm" (included in zip file).

Download Contingency table analysis addin file and associated help file:

Contingency table Addin v (28th May 2014)

Contingency table Addin v (5th May 2014)

Contingency table addin - Old version


Example Data Sets: Example Data Sets.xlsx


Slezak P., Bokes P., Namer P., Waczulikova I. Microsoft Excel add-in for the statistical analysis of contingency tables. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research. Vol.2-05, 2014 pp. 90 - 100. pdf

Thanks to the price Preveda 2013 award for young scientist awarded by BASF Slovakia and Preveda to Peter Slezak, we were able to make „Contingency table analysis“ Excel add-in more user friendly with graphical interface. In addition, we created a help file which provides the user with contextual information about data input, implemented methods, and further references.

General Info

Contingency table Addin is a free, open-source add-in for Excel® (version 2007 and newer) that helps you to statistically analyse univariate and bivariate (mainly) categorical data. This software is published under the GNU General Public license v.3.

It is recommended, that before using any statistical packages, to have a solid background in Statistics. Then the packages can be used to the best advantage, for example, to choose the most appropriate test, to make sure all the necessary assumptions are met, so that the appropriate conclusions can be drawn.

Addin was created by Peter Slezák, in cooperation with Pavol Námer, Oliver Waczulík and Iveta Waczulíková

Some programming concepts and routines are inspired or taken from the books

  • R. Bovey, D. Wallentin, S. Bullen, and J. Green. Professional Excel Development 2nd ed. Addinson-Wesley. 2009
  • J. Walkenbach. Excel 2010 Power Programing with VBA. Wiley Publishing, Inc. 2010
  • M. Breden, M. Schwimmer. Excel VBA Codebook. Pearson Education Deutschland, 2007. [Czech translation: Excel 2007 VBA Velka kniha reseni.  Computer Press, Brno, 2009]

Implemented methods:

See the Help file included in zip above.


Unzip the file. The Contingency-table addin can be then installed automatically by double click on the .xlam file or manually like other Excel addins. Macros need to be enabled in Excel to successfully install and run this Addin.  See help file for further information. After installation, option appears in tab.

Please let us know (peter.slezak5(at) in case the above links don't work or any other questions.